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Imagine the results you could get if you had a Psychic Business Coach to tell you:

  • how to move up in your company
  • the motivations of team members
  • whether to start a new business
  • your next step as an entrepreneur

Get practical and immediately applicable information — in as little as 20 minutes!

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Own a business?

Making career decisions?

Expanding your leadership role?


My clients range from:

  • Solopreneurs to CEOs
  • Still on the way up to ready to retire
  • Corporate, nonprofit and government sectors
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Psychic Business Coach

I’m Deborah J. Dakota, a Psychic Business Coach. I’m a seasoned clairvoyant psychic empath — I’ve done more than 10,000 psychic readings — and an experienced management consultant who has been solving people’s work and organizational problems for more than 30 years.

A professional psychic since 2009, I’ve built a reputation for accurate and efficient readings that help clients create solid results in their jobs and businesses. 


“You gave me a new and direct path to explore — possibly saving me $5,000 and months of unnecessary work during a time in which I’m already stretched thin.”

— Anonymous

Get specific suggestions for how to:

  • avoid drama
  • please your boss
  • handle toxic co-workers
  • understand people’s hidden agendas
  • identify what’s subconsciously holding you back
  • manage resistant co-workers or direct reports
  • supervise or manage-up

Make confident decisions when you’ve uncovered:

  • who to trust
  • what to say
  • what others think of you
  • how to impress them
  • what’s most likely to happen

You’ll end the psychic business coaching consultation with strategies for:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Improved communication
  • Effective work relationships
  • Business, marketing, and strategic planning
  • Change management
  • Personnel decisions
  • Career changes

“I’m a skeptic and not ‘New Agey.’ I hadn’t planned on getting a psychic reading but I thought I’d give it a try.

At the time I’d applied for an academic position that I was very excited about, but Deborah said I wouldn’t get it, and that instead, I will be doing something creative with other people by the end of the year.

I didn’t want to believe it at the time, but it turns out she was spot on. I did not get that position and instead got a great job doing creative work that started not long after the first of the year. It was exactly what she predicted.”

— Christine Steele, Silver City NM

Successful Business People Are Using Psychics!

More and more business people are consulting psychic business coaches. As long ago as 2015 Fortune Magazine reported that a growing number of successful professionals were using psychic advisers – and making a lot of money as a result. The same year, SF Weekly reported that many tech industry workers were doing the same.

Corporate use of psychics first emerged in popular culture in the 1980s, according to cultural historian and author Lawrence R. Samuel. Vice reports that oil tycoon H.L. Hunt, auto mogul John DeLorean, designer Diane von Furstenberg, and Sony co-founder Akio Morita all consulted psychics before making business decisions.

My psychic insights give you a competitive advantage!

“I’ve worked with Deborah for the last two years. Everything she has told me so far has been accurate and all of her predictions have come true. She is very warm and easy to connect with and I really enjoy receiving her insight and guidance.” 

Photo of Grateful Smith

-Meredith Smith, Southern Oregon

psychic business coach

Get Answers, Clarity and Solutions — in just 20 minutes!

I have an efficient style that covers a lot of ground in little time. You ask questions, I tell you what comes.

I don’t chat. I don’t ask unnecessary questions.

I’m so fast, all I offer are 20- and 30-minute sessions. That’s the equivalent of a much longer appointment with other psychics and coaches.

With another adviser you might spend a lot of time telling them what’s going on. With me, I only need basic information from you. For example, if you’re choosing between two job offers, just give me the first name of a key person and a label for the type of work.

All I need from you are specific questions and the spellings of first names. To move more quickly, it is helpful to also tell me their positions and a brief description of the situation.

Your job: How to advance?


Your career: What’s the right path?


Your business: How to make it succeed?


Colleagues, bosses, potential partners:


What’s in their mind, heart and soul?

No matter what professional challenges you face, you don’t have to go it alone!

Job Coaching

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Job changes, retirement plans, educational options, interviews…choose personel…

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Business Consulting

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“You’re so terrific because not only are you psychic but you also have the organizational piece. Your skill set is deeply unusual.”

— An agency president

How Deborah opens a reading

Fast…Professional…Straight to business!

Testimonial Excerpts

“Highly skilled and personable.”

“You gave me a deeper understanding.”

“Gave me the confidence to go forward!”

“Spot on!”


I access information about the:


“What happened?”


“What’s going on?”


“What’s most likely to happen?”


“How would that change if I do something different than currently planned?”

Confidentiality guaranteed!

I never share identifiable information without your permission.

I will not ask for the name of a company or the last names of people about whom you inquire.

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