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Feel like you need a psychic…to hire a psychic?

Here’s my perspectives on how I compare to other business psychics – and why you’ve found the best one to hire, right here.

Definition of “Intuitive Business Consultant,” “Psychic Business Consultant,” and “Psychic Consultant”

What is a "Business Psychic?"

In many cases, a “business psychic” is simply a general psychic who has decided to market themselves to business people because they think they can make more money that way. A genuine business psychic, however, has both experience as a business adviser, consultant and/or executive coach and a track record doing psychic readings as a professional. In my case, I also have training in systems theory and a vigorous daily spiritual practice.

How to find a good business psychic

When evaluating business psychics, the two most important aspects to research are their psychic ability and their coaching and/or consulting background. Their ethics and spiritual discipline are also important.

  • When, where and for how long did they work as a psychic? 
  • What is their formal experience as a business coach or management consultant?
  • How were they trained?
  • What kind of clients have they helped, and how?
  • How many readings do they do a year?
  • Do they have good testimonials?
  • What is their spiritual practice? Is it daily?
  • What the heck do they mean by “mentor,” “visionary” or “master?”

Hesitant to invest in a business psychic?

I understand. How will you know if you have the real deal?

There are plenty of psychics and intuitives out there who have branded themselves as business psychics…intuitive executive coaches….psychic consultants…career psychics…intuitive business consultants….psychic coaches… and even “visionaries” and “masters.”  

How do you know who to trust? Here’s my perspectives.

Make sure they’re both a professional psychic and a qualified consultant.

If I were looking for a resource like me, I’d look for actual experience – not stories of unusual spiritual experiences or generic experience in the business world.  I may be psychic but I still do my due diligence!

I have found that other business psychics out there generally have work history either as a professional psychic or in traditional consulting and coaching.

Finding someone (like me) with both is rare.

New Age modalities are wonderful, but you need more.

Some psychics have manufactured New Age products or provided healing services. Products can be fun and bodywork practices are wonderful, but they don’t necessarily strengthen and amplify one’s psychic and intuitive skills or their ability to translate transmissions for clients.

Mystical experiences are not enough.

Every human has the ability to access information beyond what we consider “normal” senses.

What sets apart a psychic who can help you is not having had “unusual” experiences but their subsequent attention to honing and developing psychic abilities professionally and ethically.

I’ve had many “non-rational” experiences, too. I’ve shared some of them with clients in my emails, blog and About page. But most I’ve never or rarely spoken about. It’s not an ego thing for me.

Running a business is not enough.

Some business psychics, and many coaches, had successful businesses prior to their current work. Is that enough to be a good adviser? Personally, that’s not enough credentialing for me. 

A la carte is potluck.

You will find big corporate websites that let users browse through dozens of psychics and charge by the minute. That’s where I cut my teeth. For the most part, when you choose “psychic readings about work and career,” you will receive a reading from a psychic who is simply comfortable answering your questions.

You are not always guaranteed one who is a specialized career psychic. Let alone one like me trained in systems theory, with a daily spiritual practice, more than a decade’s experience doing readings and experience as a traditional consultant.

A daily spiritual practice keeps a psychic clear, open and compassionate.

Many psychics are born with abilities. But it is only through Light-based spiritual practices that they can clean up their own energy in order to live in the world lovingly and ethically.

I have practiced meditation, qigong (chi kung) and internal alchemy for many years. Daoist practices transform negativity to positivity and amplify lifeforce. I do them every day.

Your best choice is: The Psychic Advantage

Few psychics have worked with organizational culture, change strategies, strategic planning, systems theory, fundraising, marketing and personnel oversight.

Few psychics are certified instructors in their spiritual tradition. I graduated from in the first class of Associate Instructors of the Healing Tao in 1998. Although I was not drawn to teaching, I regularly draw on that training and my subsequent practice in my psychic consultations.

Few psychics were formally trained as a management consultant. I was, by a Congressionally funded national network of community development and housing organizations. I qualified for that position through previous leadership positions. I then went independent as a consultant and trainer. That work spanned from 1989 to 2008.

Few psychics do more than 2,400 readings a year. From April 2018 through March 2021, I did.

Few psychics cover as much ground as I can in a short session.

I provide a competitive advantage for professionals in all stages of their career.

Business People Are Using Psychics

…Make or save money

…Uncover hidden information

…Stop agonizing over decisions 

Here’s some of the questions clients ask Deborah:


Confidentiality guaranteed!

I never share identifiable information without your permission.

I will not ask for the name of a company or the last names of people about whom you inquire.

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