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Is a phone psychic reading as good as in-person?

A telephone psychic reading is as high quality as an in-person session. The information that comes taps into a consciousness that is not limited by time or space.

In fact, without the distraction of visual data, telephone readings can go deeper than those done in person or on video. But if you prefer to see me, Zoom psychic readings are also available.

Why are your sessions so short?

We cover a lot of ground in a short time because I have a very efficient style. Twenty or thirty minutes with me are equivalent to much longer with other psychics and coaches.

With another adviser you might spend a lot of time telling them what’s going on. With me, I only need basic information from you. For example, if you’re choosing between two job offers, just give me the first name of a key person and a label for the type of work involved.

I don’t chat. I don’t ask unnecessary questions. I respect your time.

How do I prepare for our session?

Just like any business meeting, think ahead of time what you want to cover. Prepare your questions.

What do you want from me during the reading?

At a minimum, all I absolutely need are specific questions and the spelling of first names of anyone you ask about.

If you want to add a brief summary of the situation you’re asking about, that helps me understand the question. It also speeds things up if you tell me your relationship to the person – i.e. are they your boss or a peer, etc.

If you need to choose an option from among alternatives, be ready to briefly describe the alternatives. Then I can get a precise picture of the likely outcomes of each.

What can I expect in a session?

At the beginning of each session I take a few moments to “tune in,” which involves me clearing my mind and focusing entirely on you. You then give me a question and I tell you what comes.

The first data I receive are often clairvoyant images that are usually metaphorical. Or I might get a bodily or emotional sensation about the person you’re asking about. After quickly reporting that input to you, I then share whatever else comes in that answers your question.

The entire session is structured by you, your presenting problems, and how you order your inquiries. That is why it is optimal for you to come into the session knowing what you want to cover.

Is this all confidential?

Absolutely. No one but you and I will know you got a reading unless you share with others.

I never share identifiable information with anyone without your consent. I never share your contact or financial information.

What if I’m a skeptic?

Coming with an open mind makes for a more productive session. There’s a difference between healthy skepticism (which is no problem) and outright lack of belief or even belligerence (which blocks me).

As an empath I will sense any resistance immediately. A successful reading includes the client’s silent cooperation with my data gathering. The rare client who calls just to prove they’re right that no one is psychic tosses a load of silent hostility at me that interferes with my ability to effectively gather information.

Approach the reading in good faith, and we’ll do fine.

What are your psychic abilities?

I am primarily a clairvoyant, claircognizant empath, with some telepathic, clairsentient and other abilities. For explanations of these terms, see “What Do All Those ‘Clair’ Words Mean?” in the free booklet “10 Tips for Getting the Most from Your Business Psychic Reading.”

What's the difference between a "psychic" and an "intuitive?"

“Psychic” and “intuitive” are often used as synonyms. Some people dislike the noun “psychic” because of its association with disreputable con artists, and choose to call themselves “intuitive” because they think it is more respectable. However, I see a more substantive difference between the two.

Intuition is the universal, innate human ability to sense information in ways outside the generally accepted sense of sight, smell, hearing, taste and tactile feeling. Psychic abilities are more comprehensive, specific, developed and useful than intuition, in my opinion.

Clairsentience, clairvoyance and claircognizance are among the psychic abilities I possess. For definitions of these terms, join my contact list.

There is no universally agreed-upon definition of either “psychic” or “intuitive,” especially among professionals. To the contrary, expect debate.

Where does your information come from?

Just as the “seen” world has no single source of information, so too does the “unseen” world. My short-form term for sources in the aggregate is “the Light,” which I think of as the highest level of vibration — or layers of divine consciousness — to which I have access. 

When your question is what is in your best interests, I ask your Higher Self. This is the part of you that is connected to the divine and knows what lessons and challenges you signed up for before coming into this life.

Sometimes I’m prompted (often by your Higher Self) to take a look into your subconscious. Other times I tune into your body, an “inner child” or another part of your consciousness.

I am not a channeler who works with specific individual entities. I also do not communicate individually with your specific guides, at least not by name, but I do often get a sense of your guides’ collective presence and what they want you to know.

Can you read the thoughts of everyone you meet?

No, thank goodness. I work hard not to pick up random information – that has been part of my learning curve. It does happen sometimes, but telepathy is not my primary skill. And even the best telepaths usually cannot follow along with everything that passes through someone’s head.

Will everything you say be true?

I will not get everything 100% correct. I’m not omniscient. No psychic is.

I have confidence in my abilities because the vast majority of client feedback I’ve had for more than the decade I’ve done psychic readings has been positive.

Sometimes I am absolutely certain of the veracity of the data I receive. Other times not as much. When I am not sure I tell you or I give you my sense of the probability by identifying percentages.

What is your accuracy rate?

I don’t know.

For a psychic to document their rate of accuracy, they would have to stop after every sentence and ask the client if they are correct, then record it in a spreadsheet or something. Then they’d have to contact the client months or years later to see if their predictions came true.

Don’t trust any psychic who claims an accuracy rate.

What should I do with what you tell me?

Nothing I say should make up your mind for you, even when couched as a recommendation. Consider me an adviser and a source of information to help you make decisions. Treat the information I give you as just that – it’s data.  It is entirely your responsibility what you do with it.

Do you do more than predict the future?

Absolutely. The most useful information is often about what is happening around and within you in the present. The past is also open to inquiries.

What if I don’t believe what you predict is possible?

Some of the customers who have called regularly for a decade or more report that they’ve sometimes had the experience of thinking, “Oh, that can’t possibly happen” only to find months or years later that I was right.

Keep an open mind. Anything is possible.

Is the future fated?

Regarding major events on your upcoming life path, on rare occasions I get the sense that nothing you can do will change what I’m predicting – i.e. that it is fated. In those cases, which do not happen often, we can look at what you can do to prepare yourself, how you can best handle it when it happens  and what lessons you are intended to learn.

Other than those rare predetermined life events, the future is not written in stone. It changes with every action we take… every decision… even every thought and emotion (which by the way are far more under our control than we like to believe).

So predicting the future is about sensing probabilities. It’s about feeling into each possible path and sensing the most likely dips and turns the path will take.

What if I don’t like what you say?

It can be hard (for both of us) when I receive information that is disappointing or concerning for you. I believe if the information comes through, it is almost always meant for you to hear. If the news is bad, we can ask your higher guidance what you can do to create a more positive outcome, if possible.

Some clients call me wanting to hear what they want to hear. This puts me in a difficult position. My primary job is to gather information and report it to you. If that makes you feel better, which is what usually happens, that’s great. Sometimes, though, it doesn’t.  This is where your maturity, open-mindedness and ability to manage your anxiety is important.

Have you always been psychic?

All my life I’ve had occasional “unusual” experiences that I rarely or never talked with anyone about. I have always been sensitive and had access to information beyond the rational mind, but I did not realize this until my 30s. Then it took more time to distinguish among my different types of abilities and learn how to use them consciously.

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I never share identifiable information without your permission.

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