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Satisfaction Guaranteed – within Limits

The Five-Minute Rule: Sometimes a psychic connection doesn’t happen well. Given my efficient style, we will know within the first five minutes of the call whether useful information is coming through for you. If you stay on the phone for longer than five minutes, it indicates implied agreement that you are getting value from the session. No refunds are available after five minutes.

If you tell me you do not wish to continue before the five-minute mark, I will give you a partial refund at my discretion. To protect myself against abuse of this policy by people looking for a five-minute reading, I do not offer full refunds.

Packages and management consulting contracts are not refundable.

I do not give refunds when:

  • You missed an appointment without rescheduling at least one hour before the appointment.
  • You changed your mind: Do not schedule if you are not sure you want a reading.
  • You don’t like what I said: My job is to tell you what I get, not what you want to hear.
  • You can’t believe my prediction: Wait and see.
  • My prediction did not come true: I predict probabilities, not certainties. The future is not written in stone.
  • One thing I said apparently contradicts another: Life is full of paradoxes.
  • What came through was complex and hard to understand: Life is complicated.
  • You are rude, abusive or dismissive: I reserve the right to terminate a session at any time for any reason without refund.


Responsibility for Your Actions & Choices

You are responsible for your actions, decisions and choices. Accept my information and advice as just that – information and advice. 



I agree not to disclose, reveal, or make use of any confidential information learned during sessions, calls, emails or otherwise. “Confidential information” includes but is not limited to your identity and employer; financial, personal and proprietary information; corporate methodologies; original work and protected intellectual property.

I  agree to continue to keep confidential information private even after the completion of working together.

Exceptions to confidentiality are if you tell me you plan to hurt yourself, another person or an animal. I may choose to report such information to authorities or another party. I may prepare and use case studies that mix information from multiple clients or otherwise do not identify any individual.


Payment and Cancellations

The full purchase amount is due and payable before our engagement unless otherwise agreed. Cancellations are not refundable, but you may reschedule up to one hour before an appointment.  



You are welcome to reschedule as often as you need to, using the confirmation email you receive from the scheduling service. 

The rescheduling link in that email is only good up to one hour before your appointment. 

I charge a $25 fee for:

  • rescheduling within one hour of the appointment, or
  • manual rescheduling arranged via email, phone or text. 


Terms and Agreements

Your use of www.BusinessPsychic.com or purchase of Company services or sessions constitutes full and complete acceptance and agreement to the Terms and Agreements

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