As an intuitive business consultant, i give your company a competitive advantage!


I evaluate your options regarding:

  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Financing
  • Personnel
  • Product lines
  • Negotiations
  • Market positioning

When I was a traditional management consultant…

I would walk into an organization and within minutes have a keen sense of the organizational culture, persistent problems, and potential change strategies.

At the time, I thought I was successful because of my training and years of experience.

Only in my 40s did I realize that my ability to quickly size up and help solve organizations’ issues was not just because of my professional experience, but also my psychic abilities. I was a natural intuitive business consultant.

For example:

  • I quickly sensed an executive’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • I could see several steps ahead in strategic plans.
  • Reviewing grant applications (my employer funded capacity-building grants), I had an uncanny sense of what was possible.
  • I sometimes saw into executives’ emotional lives.
Definition of “Intuitive Business Consultant,” “Psychic Business Consultant,” and “Psychic Consultant”

What is an Intuitive Business Consultant?

An intuitive business consultant accesses information not available to traditional business advisers. The kind of information – and how it comes in — depends on the consultant’s particular psychic abilities. For example, claircognizant psychics like me provide more comprehensive data than those who just see images (clairvoyants) or sense other people’s emotions (empaths).

Deborah giving an original training in 2005

I’m Deborah J. Dakota, an Intuitive Business Consultant.

I’m a seasoned and ethical professional psychic and an experienced management consultant who has been solving people’s work and organizational problems for more than 30 years.

My first career was in journalism. Then I moved into leadership positions with four not-for-profit organizations, three of which faced crises and leaned on me to basically save them.

That qualified me for a job as a management consultant for a Congressionally funded national network of community development and housing organizations. I subsequently went solo as a consultant and trainer.

 “She saved our skin!”

– from a colleague’s recommendation


If you are an Entrepreneur:

The months before you launch are critical. I can help you figure out your best:

  • Target audience
  • Messaging
  • Products or services
  • Brand identity

And once you are underway, I can help you adjust course, when necessary.

If you are an Executive:

You’re sometimes out of touch with the lower levels of the corporation. Peers might be competitors. I can tell you:

  • Who to trust, with what
  • Problems brewing outside your sight
  • What board members think of you

Guard your self while maximizing your company’s success.

You don’t need to pay for months of coaching and on-site visits to get results.

I get the job done faster.

And for a lot less than the tens of thousands of dollars my former clients paid me.

Get started with just a 20- or 30-minute phone or Zoom session.

Our work  starts with a single short session!

Prepare your questions ahead of time and we can cover a lot of ground fast. All I need from you are specific questions and the positions and spelling of first names of the people involved. (Don’t worry, I do not want the names of companies, last names or any other identifiable information.)

You’ll get answers for specific challenges such as:

  • Overall direction – which option will yield better results?
  • Workplace culture – why are employees unmotivated?
  • Financial projections – will specific ventures and projects will meet your goals?
  • Partnership decisions – will working with that company be mutually beneficial?
  • Expansion – is this a good time to diversify into new markets?
  • Management –  who can you trust to lead, and who should you let go?

Those are all issues I helped people with before I became a professional psychic. Not many intuitive business consultants can say the same!

Deborah (front center/left) with clients in 2004, five years before she became a professional psychic.

“Deborah produced really comprehensive information about our organization and its culture.

Her coaching sessions are moving the Board into a much more functioning group.”

– Executive director of a social service agency after a 10-month consulting engagement

You’re not alone (or crazy)!

Successful Business People are Using Intuitive Business Consultants

More and more executives, entrepreneurs and business owners  are consulting psychic business coaches. As long ago as 2015 Fortune Magazine reported that a growing number of successful professionals were using psychic advisers – and making a lot of money as a result. The same year, SF Weekly reported that many tech industry workers were doing the same.

Corporate use of psychics first emerged in popular culture in the 1980s, according to cultural historian and author Lawrence R. Samuel. Vice reports that oil tycoon H.L. Hunt, auto mogul John DeLorean, designer Diane von Furstenberg and Sony co-founder Akio Morita all consulted psychics before making business decisions.

I access information about your business’:


“What role did that person have in what happened?”


“Which of the strategies I’m considering is the best solution?”


“What’s coming, and how can I prepare for it?”

Get started now
with a single, short session.

Confidentiality guaranteed!

I never share identifiable information without your permission.

I will not ask for the name of a company or the last names of people about whom you inquire.

Not ready to book, but want to stay in touch?

Give Yourself The Psychic Advantage

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