4 Reasons Why I’m Your Best Choice for Psychic Readings about Business…

besides that I’m an amazing psychic!

I’ve always been a rational, analytical thinker with a maverick streak. Just ask anyone who’s known me. What people didn’t know about me was that all my life I’d had mystical experiences that I rarely talked about.

How does a woman who went to college prep school and studied sociology in graduate school go from a first career in journalism and then 20 years with nonprofit organizations to doing … psychic readings about business? Read on to learn the answer.

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1. Business Acumen

Uncanny Business Insights

Early in my career I directed troubled organizations where I was charged with:

  • leading through crises
  • shepherding mission fulfillment
  • developing boards of directors
  • raising money
  • managing funds
  • supervising staff
  • marketing products and services

I was then trained as a management consultant by a Congressionally funded network, where I further developed my abilities in organizational development. There and in my subsequent independent consulting and training pratice, I coached executives and board members who were in charge of directing their organizations’ futures.

Photo of Psychic Deborah Dakota delivering a training in the 2000s when she was consulting and training organizations.

Giving a training on board development in 2007.

I often had a strange sense that I didn’t know how I knew what to do, or why I was being successful. I could size up an organization remarkably quickly. After just one meeting, I gained a good sense of its structure, culture and challenges. I didn’t realize then that it was partly because I was psychic. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as psychic readings about business.

Today, I draw on my consulting abilities to structure sessions and quickly understand your situation. But it’s my ability to tune in to your spiritual guidance that gives me the edge.

I quickly grasp the complexities of your challenges, while simultaneously gathering psychic information to assist you.

2. Spiritual Discipline

Daily Meditation and Daoist Practices

In 1990 I sustained a back injury in a car accident. Mainstream medicine did nothing for me, so I turned to “alternative” healing modalities. My first acupuncturist introduced me to Daoist meditation and qigong.

Since then, I’ve done a lot of trainings with various spiritual teachers and programs, including the Nine Gates Mystery School and various senior instructors in Mantak Chia’s network. I now train with Damo Mitchell.

I never set out to become psychic. But I noticed over the years doing Daoist practices that certain abilities were growing.

So, when life circumstances caused me to temporarily step away from my career as an organizational leader and consultant, I looked for a way to make a living from home on my own schedule.

With great trepidation, in 2009 I signed up for one of the national psychic websites and started giving telephone readings on all topics. I got great feedback from customers, and I’ve been giving readings professionally ever since.


Man wearing white suit emitting chi from his hands.

My daily spiritual practice means you can have confidence that the energies I tap into are “of the Light.”

3. Experience

More than 10,000 Readings Later…

I was doing roughly 2,400 general readings a year, on all topics, not long before I rebranded as a business psychic.  

Then and now, I use clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, telepathy and empath sensitivity – which are specific aspects of the broader term “psychic” –  to access information outside the reach of most people.

Client reviews have consistently labeled me as accurate, honest and professional. My style is both direct and compassionate. I don’t waste your time. My psychic readings about business are short because I get straight to the heart of things quickly and I don’t chat or ask unnecessary questions while we’re on the clock.

The vast majority of my sessions have been by phone. Without visual and environmental distractions, phone readings can go deeper than in-person.

I hone in on what is most important for you to hear, guided by the priorities you set with your questions.

4. Strategic Thinker

The Systems View

I discovered Bowen Family Systems Theory in the 1990s and worked privately with a Bowen coach for about a decade. Inspired by how the theory explains workplace dynamics, I started using it to counsel executives in consulting engagements. I attended training programs in the 2000s in Washington D.C. and Texas.

I have used Bowen Theory in my relationships, family, organizational consulting and readings — while always returning to my ongoing efforts to increase my own differentiation of self. 

How does this fit into psychic readings about business? When my rational mind suggests Bowen Theory might be useful to a client, I silently ask my Higher Self: “Should I introduce systems theory?” I accept the immediate “yes” or “no.” If the answer is “yes,” then I temporarily switch into conscious mind mode to share the theory.

A paper I presented during the post-graduate program in Bowen Family Systems Theory, on how I used Bowen Theory in my organizational consulting.

Bowen Theory puts your individual experiences in the context of broader forces.

Confidentiality guaranteed!

I never share identifiable information without your permission.

I will not ask for the name of a company or the last names of people about whom you inquire.

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