You’re ambitious.

You’re smart.

You’re genuine.

You’re motivated to succeed in business!

But are you the kind of person who gets psychic readings?

You listen to your intuition…

…But it isn’t always easy to hear it. When the stakes are high, it’s hard to be sure whether your thoughts are coming from your spiritual guidance or your ego.  

Wishful thinking, strong desires, past traumas and current needs can make it hard to find clarity. If only you could be more sure what your Higher Selves is telling you.

You want to take your business & career to the next level…and beyond.

You’ve had success, because you function at a high level. You’re:

Emotionally mature…
Spiritually in tune.



But you’re not sure what your next steps should be:

Grow what you’re already doing?

Launch new ventures?

Risk building that dream you’ve always had?


Whatever you do, you want it to be shaped by your values and ideals.

If you’ve arrived at this page, you likely have a sense that there is something more.

More to life.

More to work.

More to you.

You know there’s more to life, but you haven’t been able to choose from among your many options. Consulting the Light about which choice is in your highest and best interests doesn’t phase you. You want to know if you’re on the right track, or need to adjust course.

What the world sees you as:


To lead, you have to keep your eye on the big picture while also finessing people relations. You value advisors who quickly grasp what’s happening and get straight to practical solutions. And sometimes you need help keeping yourself separated from the corporate drama.


To succeed in your role you have to succeed with people, and sometimes those people aggravate you. Knowing what motivates and impresses each team member is invaluable, as are strategies for dealing with them.

Entrepreneur or Business Owner:

You are facing changing markets, uncertain finances and multi-channel marketing. It’s often hard finding the right advisors. You’re looking for savvy advice regarding your business plan, marketing strategies, competitive advantage and expansion or exit options. 

What you know you are on a deeper level:

Spiritual warrior who believes the purpose of contemplative work is to engage with the outer world with greater love, grace and compassion.

Emotional alchemist who is self-aware and strives for balance and maturity. You want to “be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Post-capitalist visionary who operates well in the existing economy but who believes the true value of life has nothing to do with money.

Disciplined cultivator who is training your mind, body and energy to attain optimal levels of functioning beyond what’s considered “normal.”

Apostle of compassion who has transformed your consciousness from conflict and resentment to cooperation and acceptance.


I see you.

I hear you.

You may speak from your heart, with me.

Both you and I want to live life with passion, integrity and commitment in both profession and spirit.

Yet life throws us so many obstacles.

I can help you when you are at a crossroads and need clarity.

Because, yes, you ARE the “kind of person” who gets a psychic reading. You don’t care what others think about that. You know the Light embraces you and has information that you’re not always able to access on your own. I am your liaison with your Higher Self and other spiritual guidance.

Ready to book a session?

Confidentiality guaranteed!

I never share identifiable information without your permission.

I will not ask for the name of a company or the last names of people about whom you inquire.

Not ready to book, but want to stay in touch?

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