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As your intuitive business coach, I’ll be there when:

  • you’re debating strategies for increasing sales
  • the leadersip team is debating next steps
  • it’s unclear why your business is not moving forward
  • you need help winning negotiations
  • having a step-by-step plan will clarify priorities
Definition of “Intuitive Business Consultant,” “Psychic Business Consultant,” and “Psychic Consultant”

What’s the difference between a “Business Coach” and an “Intuitive Business Coach?”

A “business coach” will draw on their experience in the business world, training in a coaching program, academic degrees, and perhaps research into leadership, emotional intelligence and other related fields. An “intuitive business coach” might or might not have similar training and experience, but will also be able to access information about colleague’s motivations and character, supervisors’ and management’s intentions, how to best handle specific situations, and, in my case, organizational culture.

Schedule a 20- or 30- minute phone or Zoom session when you want to:

* Save time

* Make money

* Solve problems

 intuitive business coach

I’m Deborah J. Dakota, an Intuitive Business Coach.

I’m in my third career – as an ethical, professional  psychic. My second career spanned almost 20 years in management, consulting and coaching for not-for-profit organizations. I have a bachelor’s degree in political science and journalism, and went to graduate school in sociology. All together I’ve been solving people’s work and organizational problems for more than 30 years.

“Deborah was vividly descriptive during the reading. For a person like me, this helps a lot because I am a wordsmith and think in literal terms.”

photo of client

— Keisha Fowler, Atlanta GA

The crazier things are, the stronger my read

As an empath, I tune into strong emotions and charged environments. In my previous career as a director and consultant, I was hired more than once to turn around highly stressed organizations: 


  • A battered women’s shelter that had fired its previous director.
  • A community center in need of financial, structural and program overhauls.
  • An AIDS service agency needing cultural transformation.

I specialize in highly anxious workplaces!

Get practical advice and actionable strategies for any workplace problem —

In just 20 or 30 minutes!

I’ll support you as you:

  • manage relationships with co-workers
  • consider solutions to problems you are responsible for solving
  • plan how and when to ask for a promotion
  • figure out your retirement or exit plan

“Other psychics just say ‘Oh yes your boss is a mess.’ You give me a deeper understanding of why she acts this way and things I can do about it. I appreciate your practical responses.”

— A lawyer working in a medium-sized firm

Don’t you wish you could wave a magic wand and make it all better?

You can’t. Neither can I. But I can help when you are:

  •        In conflict or frustrated with co-workers
  •         Afraid about your job security
  •         Flummoxed by toxic people

I have advised people across the spectrum of professional endeavors, helping them:

  •         avoid being unfairly scapegoated for problems
  •         prioritize tasks
  •         improve relationships with colleagues
  •         respond to attacks
  •         work more effectively with direct reports

People usually end our session with more

energy, optimism, calm and confidence.

Here’s a hard one. But you know it’s true:

Sometimes you’re the problem.

But then, you’re the solution, too!

My Intuitive Business Coaching Helps You Improve Your Job Performance and Work Relationships


I get a lot of information from your Higher Self. That’s the part of you that is connected to the divine and knows what’s best for you.

I also often get information from your subconscious. That’s the murky place where you stuff things you don’t want to look at. Unfortunately, that unruly place sometimes runs the show.

I then point your spiritual guidance toward giving us practical strategies.

 intuitive business coach

“Deborah’s coaching has really improved my functioning.

— Social service agency executive director

I access information about the:


“Why did they do that?”


“How can I handle this in a way that protects me and makes the project a success?”


“How can I prepare myself for what’s most likely to happen with the company?”

Get started now
with a single, short session.

Confidentiality guaranteed!

I never share identifiable information without your permission.

I will not ask for the name of a company or the last names of people about whom you inquire.

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